Marco Ollearo

Pier Luigi Ollearo
Marco Ollearo, primo classificato al circuito di Santa Margherita Ligure nel 1924 con la Ollearo bicarburatore

Marco Ollearo winner of Santa Margherita Ligure track in 1924 on Ollearo bi-carburator

Marco is the younger brother of Neftàli and was born in 1901 in Piverone. At the end of the elementary class, he began working as a farmer but, like the brother, was attracted by mechanics and as soon as possible reaches Neftàli in Turin, in the workshop of Corso Valentino 33, where he actively participates in the evoluition of the Ollearo company, from maintenance/repair of motorized bicycles to the complete construction of motorcycles, chassis and even engine (unlike most of the competitors, who were assembling engines, mainly English on frames of their production).


Marco became the frames specialist, that he built in one piece starting from the steering tube and bent after reaching the axis of the rear wheel, with a single steel tube of over 5 meters, filled with hot sand and bent on the forge: a extreme precision work.
Marco Ollearo as well as being the artist who created perfect frames as if they were sculptures, was attracted by speed and then became the test pilot who accompanied Giovanni Spina (the professional pilot and bearer of the Ollearo).
Marco did not sit back: the photograph above portrays him to S. Margherita Ligure, winner on his 125 cc motorcycle bi-carburator in 1924.


The race bike fitted with two carburetors.

The Ollearo 125 bicarburator n. 14 restored by Roberto Ollearo, was present at all the most significant historical shows.
During the Treviso road circuit show has aroused the curiosity of a great world champion: the first Italian champion in the 500 class, the great Umberto Masetti, who wanted to try it.



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