The Ollearo vans

Enrico Ollearo
Furgone Ollearo su base Fiat 500 "Topolino"

Ollearo van constructed from Fiat 500 “Topolino”

In 1938 the Ollearo factory joined the production of motorcycles with the transformation of the Fiat 500 “Topolino” cars into vans.
While the front part of the bodywork remains the Fiat original, the vehicles are stretched rearwards in the chassis of about 2 meters and a second rear axle is applied with leaf springs and rocker arm.
The modification allows the installation of van boxes of 2×1.20 meters with a capacity of 10 quintals.
The reduction on the gearbox to support the new loads is obtained by fixing directly to the head of the differential bridge a gearbox with only two gears with planetary gear teeth that allows a full load speed of 56 km per hour.
The braking system is also adequate and made integral on the six wheels.
After the war, from 1946 the Fiat 1100 ELR cars were also converted into 3-axle vans with a capacity of 20 quintals.
In 1952 the factory stops the construction of motorcycles: it took care only of spare parts and repairs, and dedicated itself to the construction of speed reducers for Fiat 1600 and 1100 transmissions and to chassis modifications transforming them into electric vehicles for industrial use.

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