Ollearo 2-stroke bikes

Enrico Ollearo

Neftali Ollearo began its activity in Turin in 1920, opening a small artisan shop for bike and motorcycle repairs.
In 1922 he built his first two-stroke 132cc engine, mounting it on a suitably modified bicycle frame connected directly to the rear wheel with a trapezoidal belt.
The motor bike thus composed was exhibited at the “Salone delle Belle Arti” in Turin, in the winter of 1922/23, arousing considerable approval.

La prima bicicletta a motore Ollearo con trazione a cinghia diretta

The first Ollearo motorized-bike, direct transmission with belt

In 1923 he also built a chassis and a 3-speed gearbox with single-disc clutch with mixed chain / belt transmission.
The road code at that time prescribes the pedals, so instead of the starting lever Neftali studied the application of a toothed sector fixed under the multiplication that turning back the pedals allowed the starting with the motorbike on the stand, first application in Italy of this device.
In 1924, putting attentionn to the ecclesiastical and female clientele, it expanded the range with the “Lady Type”: a motorized bicycle with a woman’s frame, applying the tank vertically under the steering wheel and two large legs to adjust the skirt.

The motorized bicycle of 132 cc. is gradually improved in the details: rubber couplings applied to the rear wheel sprocket, rear expansion brake and front bore, removable rear wheel thanks to a front connection without disassembling or losing the chain adjustment.
The particular model “Ollearo comfort luxury” is equipped with tires of large section “Ballon” by Hutchinson, electric system with dynamo and, on request the odometer.
At the same time, the “Ollearo motor-cycle factory” produces a moto-van with two directional front wheels and a traction rear wheel.

La motoleggera Ollearo 175 con serbatoio a sella del 1926

Lightweight-motorbike “motoleggera” Ollearo 175

In 1928 the lightweight-motorbike “motoleggera” was born: the two-stroke engine was redesigned and brought to 175 cc. with round cylinder and bronze head (cast in a second moment); the pedals can be eliminated thanks to the new traffic laws, the gearbox is redesigned at 3 speeds that incorporates the gears for the starter and the lever for starting up (a system that is patented for its originality).

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